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Photo: Jeremy Wijers


Loss of biodiversity and habitat, poaching, climate change: our wildlife is facing a global crisis, and Oregon is no exception. This rapid decline of species, coupled with the changing ways in which members of the public recreate, value, and engage with wildlife make it imperative that efforts to protect our wildlife and their habitats are coordinated, strategic and humane. In order to better advocate for wildlife policies that reflect the state’s evolving conservation ethic and changing demographics, several organizations have come together to form the Oregon Wildlife Coalition. 


The coalition has worked together and identified the following goals: 

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Secure legislative victories for wildlife.

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Ensure Commissions, and other state agencies responsible for managing wildlife and their habitats, represent broader public values and are driven by evidence-based science. 

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Undertake strategic and proactive actions to improve legal and administrative measures for the protection of wildlife species and their habitat. 


Increase awareness and public engagement on wildlife issues through education and outreach. 

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Photo: Jeremy Wijers


The Oregon Wildlife Coalition is a coalition of wildlife conservation groups working proactively and collaboratively to advocate for policies that are science based and humane, and reflect the state's conservation values.  

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